Introduction has developed proprietary Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) and Time Series Analysis (“TSA”) frameworks. The traditional development process for both NLP and TSA solutions is complex and time-consuming. The advantage our frameworks provide is a faster and more efficient development process that means you can get your AI- or machine learning-powered product to market ahead of your competitors.

Both of our proprietary approaches allow for the use of various methods quickly, iteratively, and easily to refine your customized model instead of having to rely on onerous trial and error experiments. Our frameworks are scalable to very large datasets and can be deployed to the cloud, including Amazon AWS and other providers.

Our NLP framework facilitates the discovery of crucial insights by analyzing and interpreting massive amounts of unstructured textual information, ranging from customer reviews to product descriptions.

Our Time Series Analysis framework facilitates detection and reaction to unusual events such as coordinated hacking attacks, fraud, and malfunction. The framework is also appropriate for predictive and analytical tasks, such as accurately anticipating future stock price changes.