Research is engaged in a variety of research partnerships with public and private institutions. Digamma is committed to participating in the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence research to further our contribution to this dynamic field. We are also deeply committed to expanding the practical application of machine learning research.

We are continually expanding our partnerships with the academic community to provide professors and students an opportunity to bring forward and apply their own ideas and research in the American tech sector.

Partnering with means students and faculty have the opportunity to participate in various machine learning research projects, receive access to datasets, attend guest lectures and seminars by our specialists, and jointly publish research results. AI-focused software development internships are also available for students. and the U.S. Geological Survey are engaged in a partnership using machine learning to enhance natural hazards research. The purpose of this project is to produce machine learning algorithms that are capable of automatically recognizing hazardous landscape changes through the interpretation of remote sensing, LiDAR, drone imagery, and satellite imagery data. Historically, mapping such hazards involves hours spent combing over aerial photographs and digital terrain models, interpreting areas affected by landslides and digitizing the outlines of landslide features. The automation of this time-consuming and repetitive process allows USGS investigators to focus a greater amount of their time on field investigations and other key tasks.
The Institute of Mathematics is a constituent body of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a public institution that coordinates a system of research institutes in the country. The Institute of Mathematics regularly conducts research on machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data.
NaUKMA is a highly prestigious national, coeducational university located in Kiev, Ukraine. The university offers its students the opportunity to learn about machine learning, big data, and AI through its wide range of course offerings and research projects.
The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) was founded in 1997. The university regularly engages in AI research and hosts a yearly summer school. The summer school’s participants include undergraduates, Ph.D. students, and young professionals who spend several weeks studying state-of-the-art machine learning methods and tools.