Investor Relations

At, we work directly with venture capital firms to provide their portfolio companies with AI-focused engineering counsel backed by our team of experienced AI/ML engineers. In addition to building AL/ML products and helping startups add AI/ML features to their products, we also have extensive experience at the ideation stage of artificial intelligence-focused product development and offer complimentary brainstorming sessions to key portfolio companies.
Minimize Risk
Minimize the risks associated with your investments by knowing your portfolio companies will be working with a trusted partner with a proven history of implementing AI and machine learning technologies.
Top Notch Talent

Finding top-notch engineering talent is difficult, let alone top-notch AI and machine learning talent. In an environment when the largest technology companies secure the best machine learning candidates from leading research universities, trust to access rare and highly skilled AI engineering talent.

Don’t let your portfolio companies settle for an engineering team whose core experience is not in machine learning or AI. When you partner with, you access engineers whose primary expertise and background is in AI/ML and who have several years of hands-on experience building AI/ML products.

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