Formal Methods works on industrial applications of formal methods. We mainly focus on formal verification of computer programs and algorithms to verify the properties of software systems in a more rigorous fashion and with more certainty than empirical testing.

Historically, formal methods have been used for high-risk mission-critical systems in space, automotive, power utilities, chip manufacturing industries with early adopters like NASA, Boeing, IBM, Intel, and AMD. However, recent developments in the field made these technologies more accessible and attracted the attention of new customers which include fintech (including blockchain), security, embedded and IoT.

Our team works with our customers to:

  1. Identify key product components that can benefit from formal verification.
  2. Develop formal specification which rigorously and unambiguously describes the expected behavior and properties of these components.
  3. Verify existing code to conform to the developed specification.

Our customers range from fintech startups who are building their product with formal verification built-in from the ground up, to established software vendors who wish to explore how they can improve security, reliability, interoperability and standard conformance of their products.

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