Proge Inc. has developed a performance tracking and feedback solution for all squash players, from new enthusiasts to experienced professionals.

Khalil Sarwari, CEO of Proge and a student at UC Berkeley, created Proge with the goal of integrating artificial intelligence analysis with innovative video recording technology to facilitate squash players’ improvement.

“Proge brings big data to the coaching world,” says Sarwari.

The technology enables players and trainers to record games and use artificial intelligence to identify areas for improvement and suggest training goals for future performance. Proge has worked closely with Digamma to enhance Proge’s technology by employing a set of computer vision algorithms that allow Proge’s users to track players and analyze their game activities.

As a first step, the solution’s “anonymizer” module protect players’ privacy through visually anonymizing them on-screen. The anonymizer module transforms videos into a format in which individuals cannot be recognized — while preserving their shapes as they move around the cord — before being uploaded to the cloud.

Once anonymized and uploaded, the video is evaluated by an analytics module, which detects, classifies, and records the statistics of each player’s actions. The players and trainers can then view these various performance metrics via their personalized web pages and use these measures to identify strengths and areas of needed improvement unique to each player.

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