Lunchcat is a chatbot our team created that helps you and your friends split lunch costs. Check out video tutorial on our lunch chatbot to find out Lunchcat works.

To start, wimply type how many people you are and what the total bill was and Lunchcat will instantly tell you everyone’s share and tip amount. Tip percentage or value in dollars can be adjusted at any time. As well, Lunchcat is able to process information for individuals such as a user-specific price share (e.g. amount owing based on a percentage), extra price contribution or user specific tip.

To communicate with other users on Lunchcat, simply use an @ sign. For example, @John or @Mary. Lunchcat also recognizes the person that talks to it. So, for instance, you can say “my share is $32. Default tip is 15%. Calculate what I should pay” and Lunchcat will make the correct calculation.

Also, you can upload a photo of your receipt and Lunchcat will automatically split your bill for you.



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