Habitz is creating a machine learning-based smart behaviour system that empowers kids to make healthy choices, such as eating nutritious food, drinking water instead of soda and brushing their teeth.

After parents set objectives in the app, the app pushes educational content at the right time so that the child will learn and—most importantly—translate that learning into actual actions that induce behavioural changes.

Each child responds in their own unique way to content — whether a game, video or photo — and the Habitz app gauges how each kid responds.

The app then develops a personalized profile for each child, which helps to create a customized and positive behavioural change loop in the child’s eating, grooming, sleeping habits and other lifestyle behaviours.

Digamma.ai worked at the ideation stage with Habitz to brainstorm solutions, help the company define what they wanted to achieve, determine what kind of underlying machine learning technologies to use and how to best apply it.

Habitz is currently in development and will be ready to pre-launch by mid-2017.

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