AI Mentorship Program for Incubators

Though our AI Mentorship program, incubators can offer complimentary AI brainstorming sessions to their startup teams and obtain priority access to our AI engineering talent.

At, we provide startups with AI-focused engineering counsel backed by our team of experienced AI/ML architects and engineers. In addition to assisting in building AI/ML products and helping startups add AI/ML features to their solutions, we also have extensive experience at the ideation stage of artificial intelligence-focused product development and offer tailored brainstorming sessions for startups.
Add a Unique Benefit to Your Incubator Program
Add even more value to your incubator program and attract the best startup teams by offering them the ability to utilize our in-house engineering counsel and take advantage of our unique artificial intelligence development frameworks.
Provide Direct Access to Top-Notch Engineering Talent
Finding top-notch engineering talent is difficult, let alone top-notch AI and machine learning talent. In an environment where the largest technology companies secure the best machine learning candidates from leading research universities, turn to to access rare and highly skilled AI engineering talent.
Minimize Risk, Increase Success
Increase the chances of your startup teams succeeding by knowing they will be working with a trusted partner with a proven history of implementing AI and machine learning technologies.

Please get in touch with us at to hear more about our AI mentorship program for incubators.