The Five Food and Restaurant AI Chatbots You Should Know About

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Facebook Messenger chatbots have major potential, even if the field is relatively nascent one.  With Facebook launching Discover, a hub inside Messenger for discovering new and interesting chatbots to message with, there’s no excuse not to try out a new chatbot this summer — especially a food-related one. From analyzing your receipts to providing awesome restaurant recommendations, the following list represents a veritable freshmen class of powerful, value-adding, food and restaurants AI chatbots.


Lunchcat, created by the machine learning consulting firm, is an experimental chatbot that helps you and your friends split lunch costs. Simply type how many people you are and what the total bill was and Lunchcat will instantly tell you everyone’s share and tip amount.

Lunchcat’s coolest feature lies in its ability to analyze receipts. Simply upload a photo of your receipt and Lunchcat will automatically split your bill for you, no extra information needed.

Try Lunchcat here


Sure is an intuitive restaurant recommendation bot. Leveraging insight into the most instagrammed restaurants and bars around you, Sure helps you decide the best place to go when you’re hungry. Sure was also recently one of Product Hunt’s #1 trending chatbots.

Try Sure on Messenger

Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas is a smart recipe bot that is guaranteed to offer up delicious and easy-to-make meal ideas. Unsure about what ingredients you have? No need to worry. Dinner Ideas will automatically generate a shopping list for you that includes all of the ingredients you need along with the necessary measurements.

Try Dinner Ideas on Messenger

The Wine Pairer

The Wine Pairer will instantly recommend you a wine based on a meal type and tell you exactly why the pairing works. This bot is perfect while on a date at a restaurant or when you’re planning your meal at a grocery story.

Try The Wine Pairer on Messenger 


EDDY is a chatbot that curates the best recipes from only the most talented chefs, including names and outlets such as Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, and Delicious.

Try EDDY on Messenger

And, there you have it! A round-up of some of best food and restaurants AI chatbots out there — just in time for patio season.

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