Month: October 2017 CEO Q&A Series: Jonas Cleveland, CEO of COSY

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Artificial Intelligence / Big Data / Machine Learning
cosy CEO Q&A Series: Jonas Cleveland, CEO of COSY What transformative effects do you intend COSY to have on the retail sector? We describe COSY as an aisle intelligence company that’s using machine vision and AI to improve retail execution and inventory productivity for our customers in retail stores and warehouses. The major trend occurring in retail today is the evolution of the retail store floor into a distribution center.  This is something that COSY […] Hosts Panel on AI Infrastructure: Google, Uber AI Labs, Pluto AI and MedNition

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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Our latest event, AI’s Potential: From Policy to Posterity, featured an experienced panel of AI and machine learning specialists. Our panelists included:     •    Douglas Bemis, CTO and Co-Founder at Uber AI Labs     •    Gus Katsiapis, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google     •    Prateek Joshi, Founder at Pluto AI     •    Christian Reilly, Co-Founder of MedNition The event featured wide-ranging discussions on the current state […]